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How to capture order from facebook LIVE ?

Step 1: Login and settings.

Log in via the website.

Go to “Setting” to setup all your basic setting such as Merchant Details , Payment Info, Online Transfer / COD (cash on delivery) and the shipping fee.

FB Live System

Step 2: Start LIVE as usual.

Start a LIVE video and start to capture order.

Start a LIVE video via your FB page as usual, then click on 'GO LIVE' button and 'DETECT LIVE' button to choose a LIVE to start capture the customers order.

FB Live System

Step 3: Add Product to Sell.

Add product to your LIVE to start selling them.

Add some product into the system to sell or bid with customized keywords.

Customers type in :
[CODE] + [QTY] to place order

Customers place order / shopping cart.

Once customers comment with a keywords, they will receive a private message instantly.

By pressing the button , customers will be link to a shopping cart page for them to confirm their order.

FB Live System
FB Live System

Step 4: Lucky Draw.

Pick a lucky winner.

Clicking on the "Pick A Lucky Winner" button in the "Lucky Draw" sction, system will randomly pick a lucky winner!

FB Live System

Step 5: Manage Your Order.

Start to manage order from customers after LIVE end.

Wait for customers to confirm their orders. After that, check customers payment.

Print out the Auto Generated Invoice and starts to pack the order.

Scan the QR Code under the invoice when package was shipped or collected to update the order status.

FB Live System